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Hi, and welcome to Fueling For Soul

I’m Carly, and I’m also currently attending Arizona State University as Nutrition Dietetics major. But aside from that I’m a canyoneering enthusiast, dog lover, nerd, homebody, and old soul. I am super passionate about health and living optimally in the body you’re in.

I started my recovery journey August 2017 and am so excited to have this small piece of the internet in order to connect and (hopefully) inspire others throughout their journeys. Even if you’re not struggling with an eating disorder, I will be sharing my knowledge + adventure with a lot of tips about nutrition, wellness, and mental happiness along the way. You can read about my struggle with anorexia and bulimia here.


oh gee thats me in case you didn’t know^


I feel as though so MANY PEOPLE have wrong assumptions about what healthy means. As a Nutrition major, I have seen and experienced some crazy things. Is healthy eating only kale salads and doing juice cleanses? Does living a healthy lifestyle only include being in bed by 9pm and up at 4am to hit the gym?  Nope. Not even close.

I started this blog in 2018 to prove that being heathy means so much more than numbers, the scale, and clean eating. Society is so quick to idolize the extreme aspects of health and wellness that sometimes we forget that our bodies can function optimally… wait for it … when we don’t neglect ourselves along the way (crazy right?). Disordered eating and extreme exercise can quickly spiral out of control- trust me, I’ve been there.

This is why it is so freaking crucial to focus on what your body really TRULY wants and not kill yourself trying to fit into some unrealistic definition of “fitness” or “health”. There is not one mold or definition of health, rather, it will look completely different for everybody. Sometimes the body wants some veggies but sometimes the body also wants a cheesecake and a morning spent sleeping in, yah feel?

I’ll be writing along the way about my travels and finally being able to grant myself full permission to enjoy, well, life. When I was deeply rooted within anorexia and bulimia, time spent at the gym or isolating myself took me away from everything I loved. Waking up day to day was a struggle because I feared any break in routine and suffered from feeling crazy around certain foods. I now maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight effortlessly by listening to my body.

Okay okay, enough about that. I got a whole blog for ranting about the experience of healing disordered eating behaviors and what intuitive living can look like (for me!! mine is not the one, perfect definition of health and wellness).

I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about me.

Wait. Say what?

You mean you’re not? Um, well okay I already wrote this next section so you might just have to deal.


Image of Carly and her dog at Gold Mountain Trail in Arizona

A few alright facts about me:

  1. I most definitely like say like way too much.
  2. I used to train horses for competitions across the United States.
  3. My favorite food is a Brussel sprout. They’re like, little ice cubes of lettuce (see there I go saying like again).
  4. I used to be a Geology major and I tend to collect rocks in my spare time. It’s a real ‘gneiss’ hobby.
  5. My favorite color is yellow but I keep it on the down-low since pretty much everyone and their moms hate the color yellow.
  6. I’m an old soul and really enjoy classic rock.
  7. When I was little I watched the movie Madagascar so many times I broke the DVD.
  8. I absolutely love to read (yes I have read the first Harry Potter book probably 7 times).
  9. Sometimes I’m so awkward it’s ridiculous but the people who know me just learn to deal with it.
  10. I can play the piano, trumpet, and currently attempting to learn the guitar.
  11. I have a horse named Petey and he is a total drama queen.
  12. People tend to call me Carl more often than not.
  13. I really really really love orcas and desire to save them from Seaworld in case I ever need them as my allies in a future world war.